Well Zulu finaly cleared the rumor's up to Quote him:

By Zulu : To clear up some rumors, when the new shard opens up, we will be allowing
players to bring over two of their main characters per account. When we are
ready to do the move, there will be a new command that you type to set what
characters you want to keep. There will be an complete item wipe, the good news,
you will be able to keep your characters stats, skills. Sorry about the players
that quit on rumors, your account was deleted due to 30 days of inactivity.

Recently there been also brought in a player limit for 150 players, after a day
or 2 the limit was raised to 175 players due to complaints of staff and players

New Monsters
As you can see there are gonna be new monsters when the big update is gonna happen
this will require a new client, and UO3D will no longer be supported.

This site will not be updated untill the wipe on ZHC happens cause the info will
be pretty useless when it happens, and then i will start updating again.

This is something i recieved in the e-mail when i woke up this morning.
names have been editted out by the sender so dont blame me

it seems britain was flooded with ostards, if i have to believe the mail
there been happening the same in delucia 2 times and another time in brit
Well i am back, could not get Zhproject.com working since the admin of that
webserver is not online a whole lot of time and since i did not feel like
keeping it down till its fixed i decided to put it back up on the old url
and here it is.

I dont want to be a rumor spreader but this one is so serious i have a hard
time keeping it from you guys, its been said there is gonna be a Char wipe in
short while, its pretty much just waiting to see if the rumor is true i asked
Zulu about it he did not want to say anything about it (he should been lawyer
*Evil laughing* tho i understand why he wont), anyways it been said by several
staff members also there is alot of new stuff coming up when it happens, 500+/-
players online and 4 servers just to run 1 shard, a shard merger and lots of
other stuff

I guess its not the time worry all day about it if its gonna happen but i do
suggest you keep it in the back of your mind, as long as there is no final word
from zulu its just a rumor. so dont act to irrational about a rumor. (at least for
its just a rumor but its one to taken very VERY seriously in my opinion)
Shards page has been updated now shows the online status of all shards

Zuluhotel Russia's info has been added go sign up and check it out !!

Also all staff lists have been revised but there are still some flaws that
need to be taken out

All kinds of Armors are listen in "Item Info" Section, then click on
Armors and GM Armors, GM armors also have AR ratings displayed.
Check it out to see some Exclusive shots from Full GM armors and
the high end ores like

  • Radiant Nimbus Diamond Armor
  • Dark Sable Ruby Armor
  • Ryous Armor
  • Darkness Armor
  • Dharkon Armor
  • Elven Armor
  • Zephyr Armor
  • Sylvian Armor
  • Terror Armor
  • Infernal Armor
  • Wonder Armor

    This u will see nowhere else.
    Provocation Skill list has been added

    Updated Alchemy list a bit Totem and Elixer skill is now correct
    The taming list has been updated.

    A big thank you goes out to Dro'xun for this update.

    Updated the Powerplayer Class numbers. Also it is said that the Powerplayer
    class will get the same bonusses as the normal spec of the same level. And
    not the negative points of it.
    Zuluhotel Sweden has been up and running for the last 4 weeks and been
    running very well. It has been up twice for 100+ hours and ran very
    very stable without and problems. the shard is now out of the so called
    Beta stage its now open for everyone who wishes to join !!

    As said it was mega fun and the shard been 99% lag free for most of
    the time it has been up we had a top of 30 players online sofar.

    We hope to see more players joining the shard soon the web url is

    Zulu Hotel Sweden website

    Will be updating soon, very soon bit busy at work now and been playing
    Counterstrike (yeah yeah i know its sucky according to many but i think its entertaining)